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Metha is an independent asset manager in Thailand, helping institutions and accredited investors capture long-term value in investments.

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We are an asset management company licensed in Thailand, with over 20 years of experience in the Thai and global stock market and have managed billions of dollars.

Metha means wisdom. With a combination of insight, judgment, and knowledge, we form invaluable ideas to drive exceptional outcomes.

Our team is aligned on one purpose “relentlessly sourcing the best ideas and implementing them day in and day out.”


Our mission is to redefine excellence in asset management by delivering outstanding risk-adjusted returns, strategically creating value for portfolio companies, and providing unparalleled opportunities to the industry's most promising talents.


Our vision is to relentlessly deliver sustainable returns through ever-changing market conditions.

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We are an independent asset manager who strives to put our clients’ interests above any other commercial goal of typical firms. Our sole objective is to implement the best investment to serve our clients’ best interests.



Our expertise in fundamental analysis and active investment management comes from years of working closely with portfolio companies. We are committed to generating long-term value from our investment by actively engaging with portfolio firms and providing appropriate partnership support in all forms.



We are not ruled by a huge financial firm. We are not constrained by traditional investment strategies. We are more creative and innovative in our approach to managing your assets.



We are committed to investment excellence, with a sole focus on identifying the best investment ideas and implementing them day in and day out, by utilizing our passion for long-term investing and dedicated on-the-ground research.

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ESG Integration and stewardship
ESG factors can help reduce risk. Companies with strong ESG conduct are less likely to be exposed to environmental, social, and governance risks, which can have a negative impact on their financial performance.

ESG factors can improve returns. Studies have shown that ESG-focused funds have outperformed traditional funds over the long term. We invest in companies that are well managed and have strong long-term prospects. 

ESG factors can help make a positive impact on the world. By investing in companies that are committed to ESG, investors can help promote a more sustainable and greener future.

Environment Factors

Environment Factors


Our perspective on environmental responsibility extends beyond carbon emissions to encompass other critical factors such as methane and carbon monoxide emissions, water usage, and a company's comprehensive approach and commitment to environmental preservation. We prioritize and engage with companies that diligently address these environmental considerations, mitigating risks and actively contributing to the betterment of both the climate and local communities.

Social Factors

Social Factors


Recognizing the significance of social equity, we go beyond merely acknowledging diversity and consider broader social aspects like working conditions, the prevention of harassment, and a company's policies and dedication to its employees' welfare. We gravitate towards companies that earnestly address these social dimensions, manage associated risks, and make substantial contributions to enhance social well-being within their organizational sphere and the larger community.

Governance Factors

Governance Factors


Our emphasis on robust governance extends to elements such as board and management structure, diversity within management, adherence to compliance standards, and various other governance-related aspects. We favor and engage with companies that actively engage with these governance factors, recognizing potential risks and taking proactive steps to fortify their corporate governance practices, thereby establishing a foundation of enduring trust and effectiveness in their operations.

Featured Insights
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Investing Outlook
Absolute Return: Embracing the Benchmark-Agnostic Investment Approach

In the evolving landscape of asset management, a trend is emerging: the shift towards absolute return and benchmark-agnostic outlook. Instead of comparing investments to standard market indices, there's a rising focus on real portfolio growth.

3 min.
Investing Outlook
Investing in Thailand: the long-term approach

As the global economy shifts and evolves, the emphasis on informed investment decisions remains paramount. In markets such as Thailand, long-term investors are advised to not merely be swayed by trends or short-term fluctuations, but rather to ground their strategies in robust fundamental analysis.

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Investment Strategy
Introducing PIPE

The Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) strategy is a notable approach in the world of investment, offering intriguing key points that have caught the attention of many accredited investors. We explore the aspects that make PIPE an incredibly dynamic and fruitful investment strategy.

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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for asset management. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our company, values, and culture. Your potential future with us begins here.
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